Featured Projects

The Best Art (the-best-art.computer) is an artistic collaboration between the computer and the human.

Athletes Who Were Denied Their Olympic Medal Moments Because Others Were Doping is a story and graphic written and coded for The New York Times. Collaboration with Paul Murray and Rebecca Lai.

@grow_slow is a meditation on nature and technology.

Unfamiliar Cat Petting Simulator is a game about the challenges of petting a cat you've never met before.

Soylent Dick is a phallus made out of Soylent that ejaculates Soylent when you type self-validating praise for Soylent into the browser.

The True Love Tinder Robot will find you love, guaranteed.

Space Laser! is a physical alien shooting game.

Cold 97 is a sound installation wherein your feelings, as usual, will be mediated through popular music.

Tamagotchi 2014 is a 90's Tamagotchi in a 2014 world.

Prototypes // Odds and Ends

A button you can press from anywhere in the world to start a 10 second Internet of Things party. Collaboration with Leon Eckert.

A wireless lollipop controller. Lick to move up, down, left, right.

Baked Potato Battery.

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